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Mina Multi Activities

Mina Multi Activities offers wide range of services from camp settings, camp management and associated services along with water treatment and purification to catering, marketing and procurement.
The experience we have since establishment in 2006 and the desire to become number one in our field Mina Multi Activities has gained a deep understanding of our client’s mindset and requirement and always willing to expand and add more services to provide to our client the best features possible as Mina Air Taxi service is coming soon.
Our carefully selected staff of hard working and well qualified employee, engineers and workers as well as our management staff works  as a team to meet the needs of  our clients with satisfactory results.


With impressive record  and despite difficulties associate with each project Mina never miss an agreed delivery time.
Adaptive planning and dynamic risk management, Mina is able to overcome all difficulties to deliver your project in time


Fully equipped – with tools, qualified engineers, very skilled labor and the latest technology in construction – Mina ensure you that your project will be in safe hand.


Mina provides services after delivering a site, such as logistic, car rental, catering, cleaning and guarding. Its complete business solution

OUR Branches

Mina A to Z camps Provides from A to Z in camp constratuion


AquaMina Filtration system for complex project or small home


Mina Catering Services


Mina Marketing



We thrive on the challenges that arise when working on these locations and enjoy the hospitality and service demands of these sites. Our passionate team will ensure that our Clients get the best value for their money and the most effective solutions for their remote camp project requirements.
Elsadig Osman, CEO and GM